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John B. Crigler

I’ve always had the worst luck with everything ever since I turned 20. I used to shrug it off as terrible timing, but just recently I met someone who told me I had gotten the evil eye from my own aunt. (Her eyes are different colors, see?) And so, given the tips from this store, I got one of the Evil Eye Beads, and I’ve felt better ever since

Patricia P. Bernal

Thank you for the Evil Eye beads, they’ve definitely helped a lot in making me feel better about leaving the house. I’m less scared now of getting the Evil Eye.

Robert D. Ford

Ever since I purchased one of these Evil Eye beads and put them on my daughter, I’ve felt infinitely better and more at peace. It used to scare me out of my wits knowing that hundreds of strangers will be looking at her in a day, but now, I feel more confident as a father and as a guardian.

Katie W. Anderson

Friends laugh at me when they see me wearing the Evil Eye bead, but no matter. I can’t compromise with my own spiritual safety. Also, kudos to the team for smooth transactions and an efficient delivery system!

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