1) What is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is a popular belief that somebody can voluntarily or involuntarily bring disease and disgrace to another person by looking at them, usually brought on by envy. In some cultures, the belief is focused on children, where someone can inadvertently give a child the evil eye by complimenting them, as it draws in negative energy.

2) Who can possess the Evil Eye?

Well, no one really knows exactly. For a lot of people, it’s not even a question of having a bad intention. Sometimes, people can cast an evil eye curse even without meaning to. This is part of what makes it so complicated.

3) What is the Lemon Cure?

The Lemon Cure is one way to ward off or cure curses that may have been cast upon you. Here’s how you’re supposed to do it. On the morning of a full moon, between sunrise and one hour after sunrise, cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the top of each half with sea salt. Sweep your aura with one half and then the other half, and then place both halves face up on your altar. The next morning, again between sunrise and an hour after sunrise, discard the halves in a yard waste, trash, or compost bin. Then repeat the entire process with a new lemon.

4) How do you know you’ve been cursed?

Well, you need to be able to learn the basics of a curse. If you’ve recently been involved in a fight or in any sort of conflict with anyone, and you kind of feel that it has had a lot of negative effects on you, then that’s good reason to think there may have been a curse involved. This is especially true if you think that this person is likely to be involved in the occult.

5) What is the Touch Method as a cure against the Evil Eye?

The easiest way to cure the evil eye, according to some, is to have the person who caused the evil eye touch the child. Since the evil eye is usually unintentional, the person should have no problem with simply touching the child.

6) How do you protect yourself against the Evil Eye?

One of the easiest (and probably the most effective) way to do this would be to get an Evil Eye bead. These beads will keep away the Evil Eye and its effects.