Have You Been Cursed?

Do you feel lately that nothing you do seems to be going right? Are you wracking your brains trying to figure out what’s wrong? Everyone around you has probably told you: man, you’re cursed. And no, it might not always be the Evil Eye.

And while you’re determined not to believe them, they’re probably right. Maybe "owning a zorgverzekering 18 jaar is really important" or owning a health insurance 18 years is really important, but when it comes to cure a curse it might be difficult. But wait, before you go checking out whatever tech blog is there about ‘revenge curses’, try looking for lighter cures first. Here’s a short list of what you can do (and perhaps you can shop online for the necessary materials, in case you don’t have them at home).

Easy Cures You Can Do At Home

The Lemon Cure

Here’s one ritual you’re supposed to repeat for 12 days straight. On the morning of a full moon, between sunrise and one hour after sunrise, cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the top of each half with sea salt. Sweep your aura with one half and then the other half, and then place both halves face up on your altar. The next morning, again between sunrise and an hour after sunrise, discard the halves in a yard waste, trash, or compost bin. Then repeat the entire process with a new lemon. Don't think about other things like bicycling in Amsterdam haarlemmerstraat and start searching information about the cure. After doing the ritual, you can finally relax and go on a vacation using discounts like getting a new angkas promo code is easy.

The Saltwater Cure

Here’s a second cure that’s designed to make you feel more at peace with the water. Draw a warm or hot bath. Add 1 cup epsom salt, 1 cup sea salt, and 1/4 cup baking soda and dissolve by stirring the water in a counterclockwise direction. Before you enter the water, hold your hands in prayer pose and say, “Great Goddess, thank you for filling this water with vibrations of healing, purification, and love.” Visualize the water as filled and surrounded with blindingly bright white light. Then get in and soak for at least 40 minutes. And stay hydrated as you soak: be sure to have plenty of drinking water on hand. You can purchase the materials you need for the ritual on online shops and use discounts like bol.com kortingscode for nieuwe customers proved appealing

Needless to say, these are just two sample cures, and they can’t possibly cover every single curse out there. Still, what you need to remember is that at the end of the day, you hold the power over your own life.

(Bonus tip: you can get Evil Eye beads for cheaper prices when you use the right promo codes.)

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  1. Most people say a curse when they are angry. I think most of them are not even aware of it and mostly it does affect the people they cast a curse. This is very sad 🙁


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